TRADING July 2021 OPENING SUNDAYS 9am to 11.30am

COVID‐19 ROADMAP:  The key dates for ourselves as a Horticultural Society are 2nd May 2021 whereby will assume normal Sunday opening hours and 21st June 2021 whereby it should mean the end of curbs for all meetings and events. We will continue to follow Government COVID‐19 restrictions, for us to continue to   assist members we again advise the following for TRADING:  


1: We will continue Social Distancing of 2 metres, to be observed at all times 

2: Keep left when entering the driveway Trading Area 

3: Floor markings painted to assist 2 metres distance. 

4: One member to be served at any one time or 2 members of the same household 

5: Have your list of purchases to hand in order to speed service time 

6: Keep left when leaving the Trading Area and driveway 

7: Stay alert and we all will stay safe

Please remember we will get through this if we all work together and we thank all members 

Trading Shed Summer Offers:

TAYLORS BULBS OF SPALDING Quality Assured since 1919. Delivery due late August

SPRING BULBS A good selection of bulbs are available at the shed, (*) denotes that the bulb is also good for tub/bowl display.

KEY (E) = EARLY (M) = MID (L) = LATE. Bulbs for pot culture planting depth-top of bulb level with soil. Bulbs for outdoors planting depth 10cm/12cm (4”/5”) All high-quality bulbs @ 20% plus discount on retail prices:


DESCRIPTION                                                                                Sell at:                              RRP

*GARDEN SELECT HYACINTH/delft blue                                    60p each                  £0.99 or £1.50 x 3

*CROCUS/SPECIE DOROTHY                                                   £2.00 x 15                            £2.99

*CROCUS/SPECIE RUBY GIANT                                               £2.00 x 15                            £2.99

*DWARF NARCISSI TETE-A-TETE                                             £1.60 x 10                            £2.99

*SPECIES NARCISSI 5 VARIETIES                                            £1.60 x 10                            £2.75

DARWIN TULIPA HYBRIDS                                                         £2.20 x 10                            £2.95


Daffodils                                                                                 £3.99 Fill a bag                        £4.99

BEST SELLER (M) lemon yellow trumpet  

CAMELOT (L) large golden cup trumpet

TAMARA (E) golden yellow

GOLDEN DAWN (L) multi-headed yellow

GREAT LEAP (L) pale/deep lemon double

(Garlic/onions all due for September delivery)

                                                                                                       Sell at                                  RRP

French-GARLIC COLLECTION (2 BULBS)                                    £2.40                                  £2.99

ELEPHANT GARLIC (2 CLOVES)                                                  £2.40                                  £2.99

ONIONS AUTUMN CHAMPION (30 SETS)                                   £1.60                                  £1.99

SHALLOT JERMOR (8 SHALLOTS)                                              £2.40                                  £2.99

SEED POTATOES: We have placed our potato order for delivery February 2022 with the following varieties:

However, we understand that there may be a shortage of some varieties, neither Arran Pilot or Lady Christl are available to order this year. EARLIES Foremost, Ulstre Sceptre, Winston 2ND EARLIES Kestrel MAINCROP Desiree, Picasso, Sarpo Mira, Vales Sovereign, SALADING Charlotte. All will be sold @t £3.00 per 2.5kg plus taster packs @ £1.00. To secure your order we are now taking orders with payment at the Trading Shed. Please note, we are able to take a single order for almost any seed potato in a 2.5k unit not stocked by us at a small premium in price.  

Hutton Horticultural Society Trading Shed