9:00am to 11:30am, restricted opening up to and including 12th December 2021

then closed until 

RE‐OPENING ON 6th February 2022 9:30am to 12 noon onwards. 

During the winter months we will continue to stock bird food: 

Peanuts ‐ £3.50 x 2.5kg. 

Fat Balls (no nets) - £1 x 7

Wild Bird Seed/no waste - £2.50 x 2.5kg

 Sunflower Hearts - £3.50 x 2.5kg 

Dried Caliworms 300gms -  £2.50

Suet Blocks £1 each

Wire Bird Feeders £2.30

Stock up now because we will be closed for 4 weeks and prices outside are not so keen. 


Also, Polythene Bubble Airsafe 2ply 1500mm width £1.20p per metre

Heavy duty Bubble 3ply 1500mm  £2 per metre

Ground Protection Fleece 70p per metre

Super Aliplug Green House Clips £4.50 per pkt 50

Jeyes Fluid 1 Litre £6.80 

Hutton Horticultural Society Trading Shed