Sundays 9:30am to 12:00pm

Please keep wearing a face covering in 

our Trading Shed if you can.



Membership fee for 2022 - 2023 will be £5 for single or family. 


Current membership expired on 31st March 2022. Membership fee for 2022 - 2023 will be £5 for single or family membership. 


Application forms are available to download here,

please click the link below.

Please renew now with the 2022/23 card or  equivalent Affiliated Club Card.  All cards to be shown when making purchases at Trading.

ALL members MUST complete and sign the renewal form available from the link below and take completed to the Trading Shed or by post with a stamped SAE.  


We are a friendly local community group for all ages and you do not have to live locally to become a member.


Our membership is diverse but we all share a passion for gardening, allotments, cookery, handicrafts and floral arts.

Hutton Horticultural Society

Established in 1947 with the aim to promote, encourage and support gardening and associated activities within the community for people of all ages, abilities and gender.

We manage our own gardening shop ~ the ‘Trading Shed’, which provides free advice, a wide range of gardening equipment & produce at discounted prices, regular ‘Special Offers’ and a tool hire service.

As a society, we provide a range of activities for our members and the local community, subsidised days trips, annual Dinner and talks; as well as two annual shows where our members are able to exhibit their hard grown produce as well as baking skills, floral art and hand crafted articles for free.


We produce a monthly bulletin which is sent by email to all our members. (Postal is optional).  In it we let our members know the latest offers at the trading shed, gardening tips for the month as well as other useful information.

By being affiliated to a wide range of national and local organisations there is a host of information, advice and opportunities afforded to us as a society and in turn; our members.


We are pleased to say that on production of your Membership Card at Oliver's Butchers, 212 Rayleigh Road Hutton, members will receive a 10% discount on all meat products to the value of £10 or over.

And, membership starts at only £5 per year!!

FOUNDER (1947):   A.G. Haywood



Mrs D. Baker  ~ Mrs P. Collard  ~  Mrs E.D.Mead

Mr B.T. Oldall ~ Mr D.Waterson  ~  Mr P. Wisbey